When looking for a new baltimore real estate agent, there are several important things to consider. First, look into the agent’s history. This is best done by getting reviews from other people who live in the area. If you have a friend or family member who has recently bought or sold a home, ask who they used for their realtor. They have just have a glowing recommendation. Once a short list of potential agents has been compiled, talk to the agents directly. Ask if they can produce a list of the properties their clients have bought and sold in the past several months. The realtors will often provide contact info as well, giving an extra opportunity to talk to past clients of the agent.

If possible, look for “comps,” which means properties comparable to your own that were sold or purchased recently. Those prices can provide a very realistic guideline of what to expect during the buying or selling process. A good realtor is well versed in using the comps as a tool for guiding the price of any property sale. Make sure to look at the potential real estate agent’s current listings, as well. Most experienced realtors will have multiple properties available at any given time. If none of those properties happen to suit the needs of their clients, the realtors can often coordinate with other local realtors to find exactly the right place.

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When choosing a realtor, consider the number of years of experience that they have in the business. While there is nothing wrong with a realtor who is new to the field, the fact is that years of experience just can’t be beat. A highly experienced realtor has seen all the different changes and trends in the property market over the years and they are able to use that knowledge to project an outcome for current properties.

Be sure to find out what kind of access that clients have to the realtor before hiring them. Are clients given a cell phone number to get in touch with the realtor quickly, or do they need to leave a message? Are clients free to contact the realtor even outside of standard business hours? The more access that a client has to their realtor, the easier it may be to find or sell the home. Consider ron howard and associates when looking for a local realtor with years of experience and great customer service.

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